teen camp
  • General Information +

    Camp will be from Wednesday, August 9 to Saturday, August 12. Camp will begin at noon on Wednesday and conclude at noon on Saturday.

    Campers from ages 13 and up are invited to come.

    The cost per camper is only $150. The cost includes a southern-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

    Each person is responsible for completely paying the necessary amount. This includes pastors, leaders, adults, chaperones, and children. Lake Tomahawk requires the necessary forms be completed before arrival.

  • Program +

    The program for camp will include preaching services in the morning and evening, devotional time, split sessions, and activities. Preaching will be provided by Pastor Carrizales and Bro. Tim Aguiar of Brownsville, TX.

  • Dress code +

    Young ladies should wear modest, loose fitting, knee-length shorts or culottes for the activities and knee-length skirts for morning and evening services. No tight-fitting or low-cut clothing is permitted.

    Young men should wear modest jeans or casual pants for the morning sessions and afternoon activities. Clothing that advertises worldly items or lifestyles should not be worn. Nice, casual pants and collared shirts should be worn for the evening services.

  • Location +

    Teen Camp 2017 will take place at Lake Tomahawk Christian Camp. The camp features a beautiful lake which provides the following lakefront activities: canoeing, swimming, and ziplining. The facilities are all air-conditioned.

  • Registration +

    For more info, contact Jerry Inocencio or Lena Inocencio at iblyouth@iblibertad.com or at (281) 591-1111
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Download Forms

Download the necessary forms here.

Each camper and counselor will need to fill and submit the necessary forms upon registration. If you have any questions regarding the forms or requirements, contact us here.

Camper Check List Camper Medication Form Church Medication Log Student/Camper Registration Form Adult Registration Form